New Limited Run Games Coming To The Switch

It looks like Limited Run Games is going all out for their new Nintendo Switch titles in 2018.  It has just been confirmed to Limited Printed Games, that either Oddworld: New & Tasty or Shantae: And The Pirate’s Curse will make it to the Switch under the Limited Run banner.  For those of you who don’t know who Limited Run Games are, they take previously digital only games and give them a physical release.

My source would not confirm which game is locked down, but they did say that maybe both games will come.  But, for now only one is confirmed.  On the other hand, considering that Oddworld’s creator Lorne Lanning said last year that The Switch has “No Hope” I highly doubt that Oddworld will make it to The Switch.  That leaves only one option, which means that Shantae is the game in question.  After all, Shantae will feel at home on The Switch and platformers are a perfect fit for Nintendo.  I have also promised to keep this source anonymous, so please don’t ask.


Those, two games are no brainers for the indie publisher, since Shantae and Oddworld were two of their biggest hits on the PS4.  We all should take this announcement with a grain of salt, but early last year this same person told me that Limited Run was publishing a ton of Switch games in the future.  As we all know that ended up being true. In the end I hope that both of these games make it to the Switch, but the real question which one will come first?

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If you don’t own a Switch yet, get ready for Limited Run Games’ Nintendo Switch releases by picking yourself up a Neon Blue and Red Switch.  It’s also worth noting that you will need a PlayStation Memory Card.




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