Aqua Kitty UDX Review

I received a digital copy of Aqua Kitty UDX for The Nintendo Switch to write an honest review.  Aqua Kitty was originally published physically by Limited Run Games last year, but Aqua Kitty’s developer Tikipod, has stated that The Switch version might get a physical release only if there’s enough support for the game.  If the support is there Tikipod will approach a publisher.


The story is pretty simple, but you and the rest of the cats have gotten over your fear of water, and have decided to venture into the ocean to find more milk after an mysterious shortage.  You and the rest of Catkind must drill into the ocean bed to find more milk, but mechanical fish have other plans.



If you love 16-bit shoot em’ ups then you’ll feel right at home with Aqua Kitty UDX on The Switch.  The game is actually pretty challenging, and will take some trial and error before you get the hang of things, but that’s part of the fun.  It’s also important to strategize how you will complete each stage.

Thought each stage there will be a few different Power Ups after destroying certain enemies.  I would suggest to use these Power Ups wisely, because they never expire during the current stage. On top of the Power Ups, you have your primary gun and secondary turbo fire cannon, but your secondary cannon needs time to recharge, so strategize when using it.

What’s great about Aqua Kitty is that there’s three modes that the game offers, Classic, Arcade, and Dreadnought.  The good thing is that multiple modes add value to the game and offers their own unique gameplay and challenges.



This mode is your typical defender style shoot em’ up where the goal is to defend your fellow kitties from being abducted from killer mechanical fish.  I’m actually surprised at how much fun I was having and I didn’t realize how much time had passed.  Classic mode has 25 stages with a bonus “Infinite Espresso” stage that goes on forever.  The Infinite Espresso stage is good practice, because the stages get harder and harder as the game progresses.  This mode gets unlocked after beating the first Boss in Classic Mode (Level 4).  That being said, you’re going to die a lot, so have that strategy ready.



This Mode is very similar to Classic mode, but adds a Gradius-like upgrade shopping system that’s based around collecting green gems, which can be exchanged for upgrades.  Basically, the Arcade mode is just an upgrade from Classic mode.  I personally prefer this mode compared it to Classic mode.



In Dreadnought mode you and your fellow kitties go deep into Meowiana trench where you must destroy the enemy’s Dreadnought ship.  The first goal is to break down the body and defenses, which are just a bunch of blocks protecting the core. Once you’ve completed that, the core will open up.  Proceed with destroying the core to destroy the Dreadnought.  PS, Don’t forget to save your fellow kitties before doing this.  This was the most challenging mode to me, but don’t get discouraged and keep trying.  The great things about hard games is that you get a greater sense of accomplishment once they are completed.


Two Player Co-Op:

Considering that Aqua Kitty UDX is a little challenging, it’s a good thing that they have a two player Co-Op option.  All you need is a second controller and then you’re ready to go.


I love my achievements and I’m glad to report that you can collect achievements in Aqua Kitty UDX on The Switch.  Some people think they’re meaningless, but I view them as a fun way to add an extra challenge to the game and I always say that they are like getting a high score.

Bottom Line:

Aqua Kitty is a fun and challenging shoot em’ up with a unique spin on the genre that deserves a try.  I enjoyed this game more than I originally anticipated, so I give Aqua Kitty UDX four out of five glasses of milk.  Lastly, I just want to mention that if this game was a given a physical release I would not have hesitated to buy it.  That being said, if you want a physical release comment on this post and let the developer know.

Tikipod’s Twitter 

Dugan Jackson – Art/Design/Production.
Gabor – Code.
Electric Café – Audio.
David Hankin – Box art.

Aqua Kitty UDX Coming To The Nintendo Switch

YouTuber 8-Bit Eric has posted a video claiming that he has received a review copy of Aqua Kitty for the Nintendo Switch.  He has not confirmed if this is a digital review copy or physical copy, but it sounds like it’s a digital review copy.  That being said, my bet after watching his video is Aqua Kitty will eventually be published by Limited Run Games for a physical release on The Switch.  I just can’t see Limited Run passing this game up if it’s being ported over to The Switch.

Update: The developer responded to me saying, “Hi – its only digital at the moment, but if enough people are interested in a physical version we could then approach a publisher to try and do it :)”

Video Game Collecting Jargon For Beginners

Shovelware: Typically a game rushed through development with many flaws in the end.  Most of the time these games are unplayable and just end up sitting on a shelf.

Shmup or STG:  Shoot Em’ Up: A subgenre of the shooter, where typically a spaceship or airplane faces wave after wave of enemies.

Complete: All the original contents are included.

Incomplete:  Missing some of the original contents.

CIB / NIB:  Means Complete in Box and New in Box.

FMV (Fair Market Value):  This is the average selling price by third party sellers on eBay and other selling platforms.

CE (Collector’s Edition):  Pretty self explanatory, these are limited editions with special

Y-Yolds: A type of factory seal that are folded like the shape of the letter Y.

LRG: Limited Run Games

SLG: Strictly Limited Games

SRG: Special Reserve Games

Limited Run Stickers and Postcards:  These were giving away as a bonus with each game up to Deemo for the Vita.  The Bunker was the last postcard for the PS4 and Broken Age was the last sticker.

Limited Run Trading Cards:  These replaced the stickers and postcards.  The common trading cards are silver and the rare trading cards are gold. The first LRG trading card was for Furi.

AAA: A high budget game and typically a mainstream game with a ton of popularity.

ARPG: Action Role Playing Game

JRPG: Japanese RolePLaying Game

DMR:  Digital Rights Management

Publisher:  The company that finances, distributes and markets the game like Limited Run.

Developer:  The company that makes the game.



New Limited Run Games Coming To The Switch

It looks like Limited Run Games is going all out for their new Nintendo Switch titles in 2018.  It has just been confirmed to Limited Printed Games, that either Oddworld: New & Tasty or Shantae: And The Pirate’s Curse will make it to the Switch under the Limited Run banner.  For those of you who don’t know who Limited Run Games are, they take previously digital only games and give them a physical release.

My source would not confirm which game is locked down, but they did say that maybe both games will come.  But, for now only one is confirmed.  On the other hand, considering that Oddworld’s creator Lorne Lanning said last year that The Switch has “No Hope” I highly doubt that Oddworld will make it to The Switch.  That leaves only one option, which means that Shantae is the game in question.  After all, Shantae will feel at home on The Switch and platformers are a perfect fit for Nintendo.  I have also promised to keep this source anonymous, so please don’t ask.


Those, two games are no brainers for the indie publisher, since Shantae and Oddworld were two of their biggest hits on the PS4.  We all should take this announcement with a grain of salt, but early last year this same person told me that Limited Run was publishing a ton of Switch games in the future.  As we all know that ended up being true. In the end I hope that both of these games make it to the Switch, but the real question which one will come first?

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